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We bring men and women together who greatly wish to do what men and women have always done.​

You have waited long enough but just haven’t found the right person. Now you want to do so with the intention of starting a family. For some this is sooner, for others 

there is more time.

The Stork brings together like minded individuals who are compatible emotionally, in their values and even genetically, but who realise time is ticking on. 

It can take years to search for, decide on and progress towards parenthood with the right partner. Many even discover a lack of shared goals after quite a while together.

Some of our members wish to have children together within a traditional romantic coupling (a 'forever partner’) whilst others are happy to 'co-parent'


At The Stork we generally have an equal membership of men and women.

We aim for you to meet people with the same goals and values as you from the start…so you don’t waste time or miss out altogether. 

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